Your dollars make great change in the lives of the kids and dogs of Teacher's Pet!  


..change like we saw in DJ.

He was a very quiet kid- reserved and disconnected from his family due to the trauma he had suffered. He picked a dog just like him.

Shandy was scared, untrusting and a little broken. She would spend her days in the corner, not wanting to make eye contact, just like DJ. But DJ was patient with her…weeks passed and he would talk to her, read to her and just keep his hand outstretched with a treat, waiting for the moment she trusted him enough to take that treat. Shandy began getting closer to him and we began seeing DJ open up too! He became more vocal, and more confident and we even started to see a smile! The biggest smile happened on the day that she finally approached him and took the treat out of his hand. It was as if they finally each let their guards down and began to trust. It was the start of a great relationship, that culminated in DJ being able to help Shandy successfully to go into an adoptive home, and DJ begin to reconnect with his family. A true win-win!


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